help momotarou is too cute

driftingg replied to your post: henry fathering fem.morgan isn’t possi…

Actually it’s implied in future past that the avatar had twins/two kids. However, only one was sent back in time while the other was left (and lost?) in the Grima future… OTL Epic sads.

ohhhhhhhhhhhhh my goddddddddddddddddddddddddddd what the hell NO……NOO…

…but that means MU decided to name both his/her identical twins morgan wow gj MU

henry fathering fem.morgan isn’t possible but i wish it was too 

aggressively avoids doing hw 

/ art / pmmm

got a new tablet, these are my last doodles with the old one 

i already dont like it but redraw of a miku i found from 2010 :3c

little drawing of toumin ‘s cute cute oc sui bc she’s always such a good friend and DRAWING ME TOO MANY THINGS THAN I DESERVE (•▿•)

Anonymous says: Hello :D I've reblogged some of your art before and I really like it but I've just now gotten around to looking at your blog so I'm just like OMG YOURE THE ONE THAT DREW THAT!! AND THAT! AND THAT TOO OMGGGGGG!!! Keep it up!!! ;3
OMG THANK YOU!!! gosh you are too cute wuuuuh thanks for looking at my blog _(:’3」∠)_