This is an unofficial fanbook for the Ace Attorney / Gyakuten Saiban game series with illustrations and 4komas.

Illustrations by artists: blue, dii, Ezro, gisu, Kaipy, Klen, Leanne, Rrup, Ryo and toko.
4komas by artist: Chan.

- A4 / 8.3”x11.7”
- Saddle stitched
- Full colour
- 28 pages

First 5 preorders will receive a 57mm / 2.25” Clay & Apollo badge ^q^

To order, please visit SpaceLawyer@Storenvy

Preorders will close on 12th August 2014 7am AEST.

Fanbook will also be available at Sydney Smash 2014 under the table name Kaipy.

thanks kai for making this book it turned out really great!!!! T_T

i’m really honoured to have been able to draw with all these talented artists ahhhh
got the book in the mail today and its REALLY GORGEOUS SO CHECK IT OUT!!!

Anonymous says: What does your unit look like in-game?

my henry file MU ^p^

Anonymous says: Hello!! if it's not too much trouble, could you please tell me which font you used for your business card? *q*
sorry i think you have the wrong person, i don’t have any business cards ^p^;

pipemountain says: What are your brush settings and do you use sai? Your drawings are so cool!!
thank you! T_T

posted one half a year ago but i mess with it a lot so here’s my current settings (….no idea what half the settings i changed means but basically the lines look softer for when i paint :3c) 


i use around 50-70% min size for lining but usually its ~0% for colouring

help momotarou is too cute

driftingg replied to your post: henry fathering fem.morgan isn’t possi…

Actually it’s implied in future past that the avatar had twins/two kids. However, only one was sent back in time while the other was left (and lost?) in the Grima future… OTL Epic sads.

ohhhhhhhhhhhhh my goddddddddddddddddddddddddddd what the hell NO……NOO…

…but that means MU decided to name both his/her identical twins morgan wow gj MU

henry fathering fem.morgan isn’t possible but i wish it was too